Body Love Revolution

Attention: fatties and allies who want to change the status quo!

We are bombarded with messages about our bodies and our health every day. We’re told to diet, no matter what that might do to our bodies. We’re told to wear clothes that “look slimming” no matter what that might do to our self esteem. We’re told to wait to be thinner before we do what we want, no matter what that might do to our lives.

And yet, there are lots of us who are working to change the status quo. Whether we do it through activism, or fashion, or exposing diet industry politics, or just finding ways to live our lives outside the boundaries that we’re supposed to accept, we are part of something bigger than ourselves. It is a revolution in the truest sense.

Golda of Body Love Wellness has assembled a group of twenty (!) amazing people who are at the forefront of this revolution for this free telesummit. We’ve got Dr. Linda Bacon talking about the science of Health At Every Size (R), we’ve got Paul Campos talking about diet politics, we’ve got Marilyn Wann talking activism, we’ve got IGIGI founder Yuliya Raquel talking fatshion and that’s really just the beginning.

Register here. You’ll get free live access to all of the interviews, and you’ll have the opportunity to get your questions answered by our panel. 

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